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Link Blanca is your contact as offers total solutions for your property purchase and your holiday dream in sunny Costa Blanca, Spain.

I collaborate with private individuals, companies and agencies both in Sweden and on the sunny coast of Spain; for your safety and convenience. 

Do not hesitate to contact us today!

Link Blanca

Do you dream of a sunny holiday home or perhaps a permanent residence along the lovely Costa Blanca coast? Then you've come to the right place! Together with you, we tailor your search to find your dream home. With 320 sunny days a year and a welcoming atmosphere, the sunny coast of Spain is an easy choice.


"Incredibly smooth and professional treatment. The whole deal from nie number to contract was arranged within our week in Torrevieja. Thank you!"

"Highly recommend Novalie & Barbara. Me & the wife have finally found our place in the sun just in time for retirement. / Lasse"


Novalie Gibbins, Link Blanca


+46 73 638 58 10

Your housing business is in good hands!

Contact us for a customized solution according to your needs and wishes.

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What do we do and how is it done?

We at Link Blanca have been in the same situation that you may be in right now. Are you thinking about buying your first home in Spain or are you in the starting pits and want to attack an object you yourself have already found but don't really know how. It's a big step that can feel complicated.

We know that there are many questions and the contacts before your purchase are the same. It can be costly, time-consuming and can often feel overwhelming as there are several different actors that need to be involved. NIE number application, various brokers, lawyers, translators and banks.The list could be made longer but I think we'll stop there; the process is simply not the same as when you buy a property in Sweden. 


When you start your search, you may find that there are many players on the market, especially in Spain where several brokers can handle the same object. Here it is "first come first serve" that applies. Link Blanca cooperates with several brokers and can therefore broaden your selection considerably in your search for a permanent home as well as for a shorter holiday stay. Please note that not all objects for sale or for rent are listed on the website. You can find several on social media or by contacting Link Blanca. 

Your request is our mission!


Our offer to you is that you should not have to think about all these contacts, practical details and save yourself late evenings, sleepless nights when you can instead spend your time enjoying your stay in Spain.

We have collected this and more under one roof. This means that we can offer you with the help of our partners an exciting and flexible experience. 


Our partners are found in, among other things, authorities, finance and law, which help us ensure your safety. We somehow do not take over, for example, the broker's object, but cooperate to find the right buyer for the right object. The same also applies to other actors within our team; each has its expertise and place. Our mission is to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

You can find more about our collaboration partners under the "Collaborations" tab.


Let's start by establishing a contact where you get to know us and we get to know you. In order to determine how we can help you and meet your specific wishes, we need to know what your needs and conditions are. We meet customers who only want help finding objects and getting to and from viewings, but also those who need total solutions. A total solution canmean that we arrange transport to and from the airport, book your tours and meetings and make sure you are in the right place at the right time. If you want a "keyholder" who takes care of your property when you are not on site, there is also a solution for this.

Your need is our mission!

Welcome to contact us unconditionally today!          

You can find more about our services under the tab "Our services".

Welcome to Sea Senses!

Welcome to Sea Senses in Punta Prima, Orihuela.

This is a fantastic 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for sale fully furnished and with garage space.

The apartment is a stone's throw from the beach and has very nice common areas.

Facilities: heated pool, playground, gym.

Price €375,000


You are in good hands.

Buying property in Spain differs on several points in relation to how it is done in Sweden. Below we briefly list the process you need to go through when buying property in Spain. At Link Blanca, we shorten the process and make your business simple and smooth where you can focus on your dream; to find your place along the sunny Costa Blanca!

NIE number

Lawyer, translator & Bank


Obtaining a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) in Spain means that you will receive an identification code needed to carry out various administrative and legal processes. You apply at the police station in Spain.  You need to fill in a form and provide the necessary documents such as valid passport copy, application form, and proof of reasons for applying for NIE (for example work, study or property purchase).

You will need to pay a fee to process your application.

After submitting your application, it may take a few weeks for you to receive your NIE number.

This process can feel long and complicated. We at Link Blanca shorten and simplify the process.

With all the documents in order, you have your NIE number in hand immediately upon application!


When you buy a property in Spain, you will need a lawyer, translator and bank contact. A lawyer reviews so that documents and conditions are in order and helps you handle various contracts such as electricity & water. If you do not speak Spanish well or none at all, a translator is preferable so you know what you are signing to avoid future problems. A bank account is needed to transfer money for the purchase and to be able to pay taxes and fees.

These services can be both costly and energy-intensive.

Link Blanca takes care of the necessary contacts, books your meetings and is with you through the entire process!

In addition to the cost of the purchase of the property, costs of approximately 10 - 15 percent are added.

These fees include, among other things:

Borrowing costs

Transfer tax


Notary and registration fee

Fees for property ownership

Income tax

Legal fees and translation fees

We at Link Blanca help you minimize your costs through good contacts and safe collaborations.

Welcome to Villa Martin!

A warm welcome to Las Filipinas, Villa Martin.

This 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with balcony and roof terrace is located on the second floor. 

The apartment is close to the beach, to shops, restaurants and has a communal garden, pool and parking.

This fresh apartment is newly renovated in all rooms and is sold with all furniture included.

Price reduced to €139,000


Link Blanca offers:

Buying a property in Spain should be a fun and enjoyable experience where you can dream away on sunny beaches, enjoy tapas and good drinks at sunset. Together we find the objects that suit your wishes. We offer full service with everything your purchase entails. From NIE numbers, bank and legal contacts, translators, transport and broker contacts.

In Spain, it's first come, first served and when you find your dream, we want you to be ready! 


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