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Below you can find our most frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer to your question?

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What does total solution mean?

A total solution means that we are with you all the way from the idea until you signed the contract and received your keys. We cover the entire process. Many people use parts of our services, as they might solve, for example, temporary housing and transport on their own.

You can read more about this under "Vour services".

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How do I find your prices?

Our prices vary depending on which services you want. We will clearly specify what and which services you pay for. No hidden fees.

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Where are you?

I (Novalie) am stationed in Uppsala and in Torrevieja, Spain. You can find my partners along the sunny Costa Blanca coast.

Can we meet physically for a meeting?

It is possible depending on where you are. In Sweden, Uppsala, I am (Novalie) who will also be happy to meet you in Spain when I am there. If I am not available in Spain, you will get to meet my partner Barbara there. 

Can I contact you with questions?

Obvious! It costs nothing. You can get in touch at any time via email, phone, WhatsApp or on some of our social media and we will help you in the best way possible.

Are you brokers or competitors?

I personally am not a real estate agent, nor am I a competitor.  I collaborate with several brokers and others in the industry to meet your needs in finding your home. 

Collaboration, how does it work?

We collaborate with many actors to be able to offer our customers the best possible service and range of services. We cooperate with the majority of brokers in order to reach out to a wider clientele on both the national and international markets. Today, we collaborate with, among other things, brokers, key holders, cleaning and repairs, authorities, banks and lawyers and translators.

Are you interested in collaboration or want to know more?

Welcome to contact us!

                                  Can't find the answer to your question? Welcome to contact us!

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