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Our services are designed according to your needs, wishes, for your security and convenience. Below you will find the most requested services. Do not hesitate to contact us for a conversation about how we can help you.



If necessary, we manage transport to and from the airport but also to and from viewings and to your booked meetings.

NIE number

NIE numbers are time-consuming and can feel a bit complicated, especially if you want to do a quick transaction. We explain and handle the entire process together with you, as well as book in and attend meetings so you can easily get your NIE number directly in your hand. 

Key Holding & Clean

Key holding is a service where a company holds your keys for you, for example for supervision or when renting when you are not present. We offer reliable contacts in areas such as key holding and cleaning. You as a customer are always in focus and your security is our biggest priority. The companies we work with are Swedish-owned and speak Swedish for your convenience. Supervision of your home is a popular service when you are not on site, with control and feedback after each visit. You also have the opportunity to enjoy "the little extra" where various convenience services are available such as, for example, breakfast and welcome package. 


Do you need accommodation? We are happy to help with that. If desired, we can often arrange so that you can also spend a few nights in the particular property you are interested in to get a feel for the environment.

Meetings and agreements

We book in and are with you during your meetings and when it's time for you to review and sign agreements and contracts. The legal aspect is important and you will need someone to translate for you and make sure everything is in order. When you're ready to buy your property, you want everything to flow smoothly and to be ready for the next step. 

Repairs & Move

If you need simpler cleaning, our partners can offer this. Transport within the Alicante area and when you need to move household goods between countries. In most cases, our partners are Swedish-speaking. 

Do you want to know more about how we can tailor a solution specifically for you and your needs in the search for your dream?
Don't hesitate, contact us today.

+46 73 638 58 10

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